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NBA Summer League in Vegas 2022

Advertisements By: Let’s Git It Staff | July 9, 2022 11AM NBA Summer league has once again arrived in Las Vegas for two weeks with the whole basketball association. Summer league comes every year and attracts thousands of children and adults to come see the new rookies and the second year players play in a […]

EDC was Awesome in Vegas 2022

Advertisements By: Let’s Git It Staff | May 20, 2022 2pm EDC was spectacular this year the timing was perfect even though it was back to his regular hosted calendar time, which is in month of May because last year it was hosted in the fall around August because the weather was too intense and […]

Lovers and Friends Festival in Las Vegas 2022

Advertisements By: Let’s Git It Staff | May 16, 2022 3pm Lovers and friends festival was majorly packed with star studded artist from R&B and hip-hop musicians from throwback era songs to recent billboard hits on the radio. The festival lasted three days and it was full of top performing artists consisting Lauryn Hill, 112, […]

NFL Draft in Las Vegas was Great

Advertisements By: Let’s Git It Staff | May 3, 2022 1pm The NFL draft in Las Vegas was one memorable weekend that will stick with you forever. The city was electrified with hundreds of thousands of people flowing on the strip reserving hotels, restaurants and more. Traffic on the strip was blocked off due to […]

Spring Break 2022. No Masks Mandated

Advertisements By: Let’s Git It Staff |March 15, 2022 4pm As we enter spring of 2022, we have now concluded the pandemic of COVID-19. With the mandate being revoked. The city of Las Vegas has begun to recuperate and begin operating normally. This spring break will have lots of energy knowing that people will be […]

Cleveland Ohio Host NBA All-star Weekend 2022

Advertisements By: Let’s Git It Staff | February 26, 9am NBA All-Star weekend February 17-20th in Cleveland Ohio erupted in the land with celebrity sightings all over town. During this weekend in Ohio, Hollywood had nothing on the events and festivities in the city of Cleveland. The city was full of energy even though temperatures […]

DaBaby performs Allstar Pro Bowl weekend in Vegas

Advertisements By: Let’s Git It Staff | February 5, 2022 5pm Once again the energetic outstanding music artist DaBaby performs in front of many professional athletes football, and hockey with variety of celebrities scattered in the mix. While the weekend was full of festivities because of the hockey All-Star NHL break and the NFL Pro […]

Bridal Spectacular in Las Vegas

Advertisements By: Let’s Git It Staff | January 26, 2022 6pm For all my soon to be brides and grooms, Las Vegas has everything you could ever want. A Bridal Expo for all your upcoming wedding wants. From custom suits to gorgeous wedding dressing, this show had it all. You could also taste some wedding […]

Christmas Party at Mon Ami Gabi Restaurant

Advertisements By Let’s Git It Staff | December 13, 2021 8pm It’s Holiday season in Las Vegas and the energy is up inside everyone while excited. The Christmas party at Mon Ami Gabi in December during the season in Las Vegas with an exceptional location of the restaurant and observation deck. You can see the […]

Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas

Advertisements By Let’s Git It Staff | December 5, 2021 5PM Cowboy Christmas is a Las Vegas tradition, every year people come from all over the world to see the crafts and art with the rodeo in town. There’s lots of merchandise at the festivities with seasonal excitement involved in the scenery. A variety horse […]

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