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French Montana Album Release In Vegas 2021

Advertisements By Let’s Git It Staff | November 13, 2021 5PM French Montana once again in Las Vegas, doing his residency and their infamous Drais Nightclub. As He performs again during a wonderful weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada.r French Montana releasing new music under the album “They got Amnesia”. This record will be added to […]

Summer in Vegas near the End

Advertisements By Lets Git It Staff | October 13,2021 8PM The summer of 2021 is coming to a conclusion, Las Vegas weather is becoming chillier each day closer as the fall season takes over. Las Vegas has had a wonderful summer post shut down conditions, It was surprising that a lot of tourists came to […]

VIP at Drais Poppin Bottles Ace of Spade

Advertisements By Lets Git It Staff | October 3, 2021 2AM Drais The Nightclub is one of the most reputable prestigious Nightclubs in the world, and its main location happens to be Las Vegas. While going to Drais nightclub which is center of the strip across from Caesar’s Palace in the four corner area hotels, […]

French Montana makes his mark in Vegas

Advertisements By Lets Git It Staff | October 2, 2021 11PM French Montana is one of the top musical artist from New York this present day, and he has nonstop billboard hits. He is known as a brand ambassador for Ciroc vodka, which is owned by his music label CEO P Diddy. French Montana rocks […]

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