Freemont Streets are Sweet

Fremont Street downtown is a nice, I will call it sweet because there are numerous places to eat that may satisfy your taste buds. Although the area is set up different than the south end near Strat Casino. The Fremont area has a very vibrant energy to it. I like going down there every onceContinue reading “Freemont Streets are Sweet”

Keeping the Holiday spirits

Happy holidays, this is a rough year but we have to appreciate the love ones around us and keep the faith and make sure you become the best person we can be in life. The holidays are a test to your spirit within yourself, I feel that people have a lot of emotions built upContinue reading “Keeping the Holiday spirits”

Lake Meade Festivities in Vegas

Las Vegas this summer had a lot of other things to do besides being on the strip. We spent our time going out to Lake Mead and enjoying ourselves on the water, we barbecue, swim and enjoyed ourselves with our friends having drinks, smiling and laughing while being distant away from the strip and chaos.Continue reading “Lake Meade Festivities in Vegas”

Treat yourself sometimes wyd?

Sometimes you have to treat yourself to the good things in life in order for you to be motivated. Now that you have things in lined up and the plate is set, it’s now time to eat! Let’s Git It operation a success. Got #motivation #plans #mission #vegas #vip

True Game… What you know?

Game, what is game? A lot of people say “it’s sold not told”. So I can only address a few things that won’t offend the code. We as hustlers or ‘independent contractors’ have to absorb information as we go throughout our journey or course of the day or night. You can’t go to school forContinue reading “True Game… What you know?”

It’s COVID-19, but we still got our heads up for better Days ahead…

During these days people are going through tough times, but we have to keep our head up and look forward to the better days ahead of us. Things are looking to pick back up and become normal again so we took a stroll to the Art District in Las Vegas, and take a picture inContinue reading “It’s COVID-19, but we still got our heads up for better Days ahead…”

Halloween at the New Circa Casino, Downtown Las Vegas.

Halloween 2020 was much different this year were COVID-19 kept us at a distance, where people couldn’t trick-or-treat. Although the Circa new casino had many people trying to explore it, they still kept their safety precautions and distancing as you entered and exited the hotel. Halloween was a success because they were able to showcaseContinue reading “Halloween at the New Circa Casino, Downtown Las Vegas.”