New Restrictions in Las Vegas

Vegas is still Vegas even with the new restrictions. Heres some tips to make sure you maximize your stay.

Tip 1: RESERVATIONS – Make sure to make a reservation no matter what your doing. Restaurants in Nevada require a reservation. Take the time to make a reservation early and update the staff when you can if anything changes.

Tip 2: BOTTLE SERVICE – There is no such thing as a guest list anymore in Vegas. I am sorry to inform you, Bottle Service is really the best option for the club. There is no dance floor or intermingling with groups around you. Bring your friends! It wont be the same without them.

Tip 3: MASK UP – We don’t want to catch the Rona, if we don’t have too. Don’t forget to mask up. They are required in Nevada.

Tip 4: CAPACITY Is LIMITED – 4 guest at a table & please be patient, everywhere is 25% capacity. That means they might want to let you in and take your money… but they cant if they have to many guest already. Order To go. MUCH EASIER! Still a wait though, be cautious.

Tip 5: Not Everything is Open – A common misconception is that Vegas is normal right now. Its not as open as Atlanta or Dallas, there are restrictions and places are closed due to it. Let’s Git It #restrictions #rules #guide

The Season for Giving

Happy Holidays to everyone and to all stay blessed in this world. We all have good intentions and want the best for each other, there’s no better time than now. I’m honored to be in a position help others and pay it forward as much as I can. I’m willing to help if I have it to give and that’s been my character most of my life. Share the wealth live, laugh and love. Let’s Git It #share #holidays #love #christmas

It’s a Business Man

Making sure the tasks are done and achieved everyday. That’s what makes us businessmen, we have to endure the obstacles of learning on the beat taking in information as we grow.

Today’s world is much different from the past generations, but we must still implement the moral code within us that we all respect one another for. That’s loyalty, we must posses this quality in order to be heard and trusted. The hustle and integration of personalities will carry you far if you trust the process of loyalty. Let’s Git It #loyalty #trust #vip #team

Big Celebrations in Vegas people are waiting

People are waiting for the gates to open for celebration at a normal mode again. We are all under cabin fever of some sort trying to get out the house, but we can’t give up because the fight against COVID-19 is still amongst us.

Being safe and cautious of not getting the virus is eating the economy up mentally. We have to be strong and at the conclusion of this pandemic will be a huge celebratory moment we all will share and love. Let’s Git It #celebration #moments #events

There’s some Cleveland in Las Vegas you can say

Cleveland Avenue off the Vegas Blvd

Seems like wherever you go you’ll find Cleveland somewhere whether it’s a person, place, but here it’s a Avenue. A Street right off the Las Vegas Blvd in plain sight just so a Midwest guy to feel like home just a little bit.

I saw this sign while walking on the Las Vegas strip it stood out to me because it says Cleveland on it so my attention was drawn to the sign. While Vegas is far from the Midwest, East Coast environment and temperature status, at least I can see the words of Cleveland visually just makes you feel good inside from time to time. Let’s Git It #cleveland #lasvegas #sign #homesick #region

Steady focused on the Prize

We out here, in Las Vegas continuing to fight during these tough times. The mind is playing tricks on you it seems like when things aren’t going as planned. Being focused and tunneling your attention to beneficial activities or interest that can help you short term and long.

I tend to try to stay active by learning things that I can apply to my lifestyle or spruce up my skills on crafts I may already acquire. Let’s Git It #focused #prize #education #vip

Celebrating with Lights for The Holidays

Christmas lights in Las Vegas

December is a time for joy and happiness, we celebrate these times with the decorating our houses with lights streaming all over the yard, garage, doors and windows. While blinking expressing the joy we have for this holiday season. Many people decorate their homes for the public to cruise down the streets and observe the bright lights and wonderful feeling that comes from just watching them throughout the night. Let’s Git It #happiness #Christmas #lights #family

I’ve Been drinking Hustle Juice

University of Toledo

Take the necessary precautions to keep yourself going for the marathon it’s not always about the sprint in the game. I’ve been drinking that juice that make you ambitious, self driven, and keep your eye on the prize, I always want to progress day by day. Also the ones around me in my circle I want to succeed as well. Let’s Git It #education #ambition #motivation #university

Las Vegas #1 Mobile Concierge is still here

Let’s Git It, We are still in affect and the number one mobile concierge service here in Nevada. Those who need services, We know that we are in tough times but we strive to succeed at helping. Our mission is to achieve the things that are necessary to fulfill the needs.

Please be safe and everyone stay distant and we will get out of this together and strong, like always we will do what is right for those who reach out to us and we will try to succeed the best way we can. Entertainment, promotions, marketing etc. Let’s Git It #concierge #vip #help #support #family #friends

Momentum towards the New Year

We have to use this time to motivate ourselves and create the avenues and lanes that will help us achieve our goals. The momentum carried from this will catapult your idea in the direction you want it to go. Stay motivated, focused because the time is now and your actions speak louder than your words. Let’s Git It #mobile #concierge #vip #lifestyle

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