Catching Flights a New Way

By Let’s GitIt | January 10, 2021 3:30PM

Las Vegas Airport

Catching flights on an airplane is quite a bit different with times today. There are a lot of safety precautions, spacing and distancing that has to be taken while boarding airplanes. As you know face masks are a requirement and sanitizer as well, making it on time to your plane is an obstacle because amount of time it takes to check to make sure everyone is abiding by COVID-19 rules as well as normal safety protocol.

As you board the airplane there are many rows of seats that are empty while we are in a pandemic moment, so we cannot be group together and fill the role of seats, middle, and window seat. Flights on every airlines are different now as we roll into year 2021, so be prepared for a delayed flights because not all airlines are running normal times and available in all cities because of the lack of reservations because of quarantine shut down stages. While we find ourselves gradually coming back to normal in society, with numerous vaccines on the market we can see ourselves booking those plane tickets and making those destinations in the near future. Let’s git it #catching #flights #airplanes #destinations #concierge

Champagne Toast

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 8, 2021 9:00PM

Las Vegas Nightclub

Toasting together celebrating with champagne may be a thing of the past? If you think that people are going to bow down and change their ways, then you have one thing coming. People are waiting to pop bottles and celebrate getting over these stressful times, ready to use the champagne toast as motivation for the better days ahead of us in this world.

A nice champagne toast has always been great for the nightlife scene and celebration itself on any occasion. The feeling that you get from the sound of the cork being popped out of the bottle, and the excitement in the voices of the people when pouring the drinks into the glasses. The announcement of a proper toast with hands raised ready to acknowledge the moment, and take that first sip of gratification, appreciation and all that comes with a great time. With the people you want to be around during these moments. Let’s git it #champagne #toast #celebration #vip

Trust the Process

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 7, 2021

VIP Las Vegas

The time now is better than no other time in the economy, then to take action on your goals and the things you want to achieve in life. The more you wait or hesitate you give yourself less time to achieve those important things because there are steps to take in order to accomplish things in a timely manner. With all of the chaos in the economy it is easily to be distracted or veer off your focus. I believe that all the media and wild news is a test to our attention span, and how capable are you in being disciplined to overcoming the obstacles in our way at the moment.

Trust the process and stay strong, believe in your morals the upbringing code in how you carry yourself as a person. Also respect others as a human beings, As time goes on you will see improvement in all areas even though it may not be immediate results. Progression is the key. Let’s git it #trust #process #believe #goals #achieve

Let the Hosting begin

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 6, 2021 6:00PM

Las Vegas Beach Club Pools

It’s been quite a long time since the pool parties and beach club have been operating, Let the hosting begin since everything is trying to partially open. We are at a point where we take precautions, safety measures and move forward to getting back to normal in society. Hosting in Vegas has become very scarce due to the pandemic many people have been self serving themselves as well finding information to do activities on their own.

As time has passed well over nine months of being on quarantine shut down because of COVID-19 many services in hosting personnel have been reduced or closed for business. As the year begins in 2021 a lot of people have strategically taken into accountability, the proper precautions to operate and be able to service guest and clients properly. Let the hosting begin, Let’s git it #hosting #concierge #guest #services

2021 bringing in the New Ways

By Lets Git It Staff | January 4, 2021 10:00PM

New Years Eve Masquerade Bash

We start the year off with great expectations and excitement looking into the new year. This year was very different and preparing for New Year’s Eve events and the countdown due to the pandemic, many places were shut down and not celebrating because of the distancing factors.

For the places that were available, they had to abide by the new rules and restrictions with population and spacing. My guests and friends that were comfortable with the rules of having fun, celebrated at a masquerade bash. This event had mask for COVID-19 protection as well as costume mask for the theme of the party.

Leading up to the event Many people thought that it may be shut down, but as the time came closer to New Year’s Eve it became a sold out party with limited availability. People showed up with proper protection while having a great attitude towards being around social people understanding that they are all here to celebrate the new year of 2021. Let’s git it #newyears #2021 #masquerade #bash #mask

Ending the Year on a Great note

While the year comes to a close, We all have been waiting for the moment to entirely change the year and the time is now. I look from the mountain top over the city of Las Vegas, to reflect on the moments 2020 has put us through. The pandemic is still effective and restrictions are in place statewide, but as the biggest celebration of the year arrives many are ready to release the stress and frustration we’re left with day in and out even though it will carry over with us to the next year 2021.

Staying positive minded is what I meant by concluding the year on a great note. Mental illness is a major factor of the pandemic, but with mental strength and exercising your education psychologically will help. Never let your mind get weak stay strong and knowledge is power. Let’s git it #mental #strength #power #mind #control

Browsing the Malls

How shopping has changed, The things we used to do are different now by a long shot. The way we go into stores with different protocols we have to take when entering and exiting places.

Window shopping has taken off, because most of the time you have to wait outside of a store before entering to respect the distancing rules. Therefore you have plenty of time to look through the windows of the stores and displays to try to figure out precisely what you’re looking for before you go in, So that you don’t spend excess time inside.

Pretty much most of the time you are in a mall your able to browse the entire mall, because you tend to see items or skip them due to the new rules and time spent inside of places. So instead of spending money impulse buying, we browse more nowadays while also managing time in a store and around people as well. Let’s git it #mall #shopping #shoppincenter

Festivals are they coming back

Martha Stewart Wine Tasting

Festivals are they coming back? Well they might be slowly, it all depends on how fast we get over the pandemic. Festivals used to be the place where you can share, express great joy while browsing through tables and booths of products and services of things that you may be interested in.

Although the times are tough we still have to power through and understand that one day we will be back to the activities we grew up doing. Festivals are a element of Joy where people display tables and booths of products and services they are willing to market to the public.

While we wait to get back to normalcy in this world we are long-awaited to have some festivals to attend while we’ve been cooped up in the house we will enjoy the first times of getting to a festival and enjoying the energy and displays that people are waiting to express. Let’s git it #festival #marketplace #tastings #expo

What Pleasure times can be

Christmas Day 2020

Times can be awesome especially during the holidays everyone likes when they’re in a comfortable mood and environment. The space is respected while they have a nice meal in the stomach, so that’s what pleasure is in present times like today.

You have to consider certain things to understand if they are pleasurable to you or not, appreciate the people in you life the time you have with them and understand the meaning of time how it can be used properly.

These times can be very pleasurable even though they are tough in a economic way, but if you have loved ones and people that care about you within your area share the time we have while understanding that we are in hard times outside. Reflect on what we are going through and use your time wisely and understand that you come across people in life for particular different reasons. Let’s git it #pleasure #family #holidays

The Need for Speed in the Land

Riding Motorcycles

While most people prefer cars and trucks to cruise around in, others might say motorcycles are for them. Having the wind blowing past your ears and eyes at 50 or so miles per hour is comforting. I like to watch others ride due to the fact I won’t get on one myself in motion.

I respect riders and there bravery to go out at high speeds with very few protection the bike offers surrounding the body. There are levels to the riding game and different styles, models of such which experience takes place on what a person can control on the streets and the luxury or sport comfort.

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