Snowboarding on Lee Canyon

By Let’s Git It Staff | February 4, 2021 8PM

Lee Canyon Ski Resort

Snowboarding on Lee Canyon in Nevada, was very interesting as I prepared myself for a very frigid cold weather. Temperatures ranged around 60° which was fair for a person that just came from Cleveland, Ohio where the high temperature was 26°. The ski resort was very nice and wide spread for our distancing, as you got towards the mountain where the ski and snowboarding was being perform there was very low phone signal which meant you were at high elevation.

We got to the mountain around 11am and checked in for our safety and rental gear. Snowboarding started with the learning instructor. I would advise signing up for these lessons first just to get the proper terminology and beginning steps, so that you don’t hurt yourself or others in an ignorant manner.

The lessons took about an hour as we were instructed to do minor steps on a baby slope off to the side of the main hill, so we can get our comfort level better. As it took quite a while to get down this baby slope we were educated by numerous falls, which led to learning experiences. After enduring these actions repeatedly we eventually got down the hill, and completed the necessary beginning lessons for introducing ourselves to Lee Canyon ski resort. Let’s git it #ski #resort #snowboarding

Temperatures still down in Cleveland

Let’s Git It Staff | January 28, 2021 8:00PM

Cleveland, Ohio

It gets cold in Cleveland, as you are know. Being prepared and bundled up for the cold weather is a necessity, when traveling to Cleveland, Ohio I always make sure I have sweatshirt, jacket, and headwear just for cautious reasoning.

The weather is unpredictable here and it’s never what it seems especially around the month of January. Temperatures sometimes range in the low 26 to 30° daytime temperatures and it drops below that temperature as we go into the evening night fall.

These necessary actions are very important while we are in this pandemic stage of Covid-19, you do not want to open yourself up to a cold or any flu symptoms that may occur for not being dress for the weather conditions. Cleveland, Ohio is known to have sketchy weather so in the winter months you must to stay prepared. So that you won’t be surprise when you see the windchill drop or experience the random snow falls in the city. Let’s git it #cold #temperatures #ohio #cleveland #concierge

Vegas coming Back

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 25, 2021 1:00PM

VIP Party Bus

Is Vegas really coming back? Now a days things are up and running slightly in new safety measures have been implemented, at all locations operating. Coming back is the next step for Las Vegas and all cities, because with the vaccine being distributed and government payouts for assistance. It’s either start now with the new ways or get left behind and watch others move forward in life.

It’s a slow process while starting over, the idea is to understand and innovate readjustment, adapt to how you can best perform in the new situations that are ahead of us. Now that nightclubs are closed to general admission and guestlist, there are many people left in the gray area who do not reserve VIP sections at venues. With new safety precautions and sanitary procedures you have to adapt and be able to cater to those who demand a service but isn’t offered at the moment.

Private Party Bus with proper safety precautions is the route that few folks are taking to be able to celebrate with their friends and those who are invited. We are now in the go ahead stage in society and the new days of living, partying with masks and much more. Let’s git it #partybus #friends #comingback

Beyond the Skies limits

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 22, 2021 1:00PM

Los Angeles, Santa Monica Pier

There are no limits when you expand your mind and go after the goals you have sat in front of you. The things we imagined, and the creative mind that we use to come up with ideas to better our lifestyles are tremendous. When you put the time into the things you are passionate about there’s only room for good outcomes and results, especially if you believe in your thoughts.

When people say “the skies the limit”. I figure if you set the sky then that will be the limit, but if we set our limits beyond the sky then we can surpass the skies limits into another area of success if you would say. Well things are looking for the better in this world, then the time now is best to take action and get up off the couch or sofa and apply yourself for jobs.

To be successful we must journey out of these rough times, put the best foot forward and continue to work yourself back into normality or the way the economy used to be because we have restarted it. Moving forward for better days are here. Let’s git it #limits #sky #goals #cycle

Great Game Browns

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 17, 2021 8:00PM

Cleveland Browns Fan

While the NFL football season goes into the playoffs, the Cleveland Browns made the cut and ended up facing the Kansas City chiefs the defending Super Bowl champions. As intensity builds up before the game, many people were rooting for the underdog Cleveland football team to defeat the top ranked favorite Chiefs out of Kansas City.

The game was very dramatic close game with a decision factor of less than a touchdown. While the game went back and forth throughout the 3 quarters of play it came down to a last minute play by the second string quarterback. This resulted in a first down to run out the game clock for the win.

While on your edge of your seat you witness the top rank NFL team get a run for their money as the Cleveland Browns almost defeated them with a nail bitting play which sent the Browns home. I am a Cleveland Ohio native, I am very proud of our football team for the effort they gave on the field. Also how well they perform throughout the season, we can only congratulate them and hope for the best next season. Let’s git it #nfl #cleveland #browns #congrats

Progression with the right Support system

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 13, 2021 8:00PM

Williams Family

Progression, in order to achieve or progress each day you must have your priorities in order. There are many steps to take when organizing the proper route you want to prepare yourself for in life. People tend to venture out an attempt to pursue all sorts of dreams without taking the time and proper skill set into accountability.

If you have your mind and health in good standings, then you will be able to achieve plenty with the right education with guidance . Once you have the education behind your goals that you want to achieve, then support factor comes in to play and that’s the base and foundation. You tend to have friends and family encouraging, offering advice and support to the needs that will benefit you or in your best interest. The people you invite within your circle of communication and interaction, will reflect upon how disciplined you are towards accomplishing and executing your goal. Let’s git it #support #family #friends #progress

What happens in Vegas

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 11, 2021 2:00PM

Wynn Casino Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas, is a common saying that is used primarily in all occasions in the city. People apply these words to associate themselves with expression that they were having fun or doing something very exciting or unique. In many cases what happens in Vegas turns out to be a fun experience, Las Vegas attracts people from all over the world and they come to this common area to unwind, celebrate or get comfortable in ways that they normally don’t where they’re from.

If you plan on coming to Las Vegas and misbehaving or being overly intoxicated and acting in criminal behavior, then what happens in Vegas will literally follow you back home for breaking the law. For those who intend on having a great time in celebrating the best moments in their life. Then yes what happens in Vegas is a memorable, meaningful city to bring your family, friends and people you want to experience the great things in life. Let’s git it #vegas #celebrate #what #happens #concierge

Catching Flights a New Way

By Let’s GitIt | January 10, 2021 3:30PM

Las Vegas Airport

Catching flights on an airplane is quite a bit different with times today. There are a lot of safety precautions, spacing and distancing that has to be taken while boarding airplanes. As you know face masks are a requirement and sanitizer as well, making it on time to your plane is an obstacle because amount of time it takes to check to make sure everyone is abiding by COVID-19 rules as well as normal safety protocol.

As you board the airplane there are many rows of seats that are empty while we are in a pandemic moment, so we cannot be group together and fill the role of seats, middle, and window seat. Flights on every airlines are different now as we roll into year 2021, so be prepared for a delayed flights because not all airlines are running normal times and available in all cities because of the lack of reservations because of quarantine shut down stages. While we find ourselves gradually coming back to normal in society, with numerous vaccines on the market we can see ourselves booking those plane tickets and making those destinations in the near future. Let’s git it #catching #flights #airplanes #destinations #concierge

Champagne Toast

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 8, 2021 9:00PM

Las Vegas Nightclub

Toasting together celebrating with champagne may be a thing of the past? If you think that people are going to bow down and change their ways, then you have one thing coming. People are waiting to pop bottles and celebrate getting over these stressful times, ready to use the champagne toast as motivation for the better days ahead of us in this world.

A nice champagne toast has always been great for the nightlife scene and celebration itself on any occasion. The feeling that you get from the sound of the cork being popped out of the bottle, and the excitement in the voices of the people when pouring the drinks into the glasses. The announcement of a proper toast with hands raised ready to acknowledge the moment, and take that first sip of gratification, appreciation and all that comes with a great time. With the people you want to be around during these moments. Let’s git it #champagne #toast #celebration #vip

Trust the Process

By Let’s Git It Staff | January 7, 2021

VIP Las Vegas

The time now is better than no other time in the economy, then to take action on your goals and the things you want to achieve in life. The more you wait or hesitate you give yourself less time to achieve those important things because there are steps to take in order to accomplish things in a timely manner. With all of the chaos in the economy it is easily to be distracted or veer off your focus. I believe that all the media and wild news is a test to our attention span, and how capable are you in being disciplined to overcoming the obstacles in our way at the moment.

Trust the process and stay strong, believe in your morals the upbringing code in how you carry yourself as a person. Also respect others as a human beings, As time goes on you will see improvement in all areas even though it may not be immediate results. Progression is the key. Let’s git it #trust #process #believe #goals #achieve

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