The Giving Season, there’s so much Love share it

Although the year has been tough, we as human beings are naturally going to care for others that are less fortunate in this world. Today, I visited Basic Sports Shop @basicsports in Henderson, Nevada and donated food while helping packaged the meals for the families they are giving away.

It felt great to participate in a giving gesture. Although resources are scarce in these times we powered through and got the job done. When you have love around you and feel the energy of great holiday spirit it makes you feel fantastic.

Let’s Git It #thanksgiving #family #care #packages #love #holidya

Williams Family Support Reppin the Brand

Williams Family promo Event

I love my family, the Williams family which is my fathers side are very interesting but super supportive if they are there helping in any way. This summer of 2020, was awkward due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

We had a cookout with a ‘LetzGitIt’ brand theme, meaning you had to wear a shirt with the logo on it and food and drinks will be provided. As you know they show up and came through to eat and be distant at times, but sometimes love has a way for you to forget that we are in a pandemic.

I love the Williams and can’t wait to hug you all the next time we have an event and this corona virus is over Williams or not haha. Let’s Git It #family #support #cookout #williams

Jeezy vs Gucci Mane gets mad Love from the Culture

Gucci mane vs Jeezy

Awesome night for the culture? @laflare1017 vs @jeezy was epic. It’s a blessing to see people squashing beef over the past 20 years become better humans at the end of the day! This is what needs to change and better the generations underneath us and spread positively. #guccimane #jeezy #letsgitit #trap #music

Gucci Mane New Book is a good read

The Gucci Mane #guccimane Guide to Greatness is a good book to leisurely entertain yourself while relaxing. I appreciate the time that this man took to pass on some knowledge to the world, and his journey of how he ended up where he’s at today. I believe what’s in this book is true and I respect this guy and the accomplishments he’s obtained while still being true to his culture. Let’s Git It! #theguidetogreatness #bookdeal #motivation

Peppermill is still on my list of places to eat while in Vegas

I love stopping by Peppermill when the option is near somewhere on the strip, mostly when I’m at the Encore or Wynn Resorts. Peppermill has a large variety of appetizers which I usually get the Grand platter while waiting on the waiting list to be sat in the restaurant area. The portions are huge and I suggest sharing it if your trying to save room for the main course. #peppermill #lsvegas #vip #host #letsgitit

True Game… What you know?

Game, what is game? A lot of people say “it’s sold not told”. So I can only address a few things that won’t offend the code. We as hustlers or ‘independent contractors’ have to absorb information as we go throughout our journey or course of the day or night. You can’t go to school for this, you have to be smart enough to pick up the information as you go! Let’s Git It… #letsgitit #letzgitit #vip #host #promoter

Party Buses coming back in Vegas! How?

Party buses #partybuses are soon to be coming back and riding around with energetic people, enjoying life as expected. We are now in COVID-19 times and folks are becoming cabin fever mind set, meaning they want to get out the house by any means. Going on 8 months on pandemic restrictions, we as people have built up energy and emotions wanting to celebrate in extreme measures.

In coming days as the corona virus dies downs with a vaccine on the way, party buses will ignite with enormous interest and reservations will be booked up. That is why Let’s Git It LLC will be ready to accommodate those needs, as we are the number 1 mobile concierge in Las Vegas. So join us and bring that great attitude along with us for the Let’s Git It experiences and packages we have to offer alright. I appreciate you all who have use our services and spread the word respectfully.

We can’t wait to meet and rekindle the great relationships we have around the world. Let’s Git It everyone and tag us and share our messages and movement! #vip #host #promoter #lasvegas

Las Vegas Pools and Beach clubs wait till 2021

#LasVegas #Beachclubs #Pools

Las Vegas back then and now is totally different. Energy, access to the normal things such as lounging by the pool side are all on pause. Now we wait till 2021 to see how transition affected us in the entertainment industry let’s git it. #pools #lasvegas #beachclubs #vip #host