Lovers and Friends Festival in Las Vegas 2022

By: Let’s Git It Staff | May 16, 2022 3pm Lovers and friends festival was majorly packed with star studded artist from R&B and hip-hop musicians from throwback era songs to recent billboard hits on the radio. The festival lasted three days and it was full of top performing artists consisting Lauryn Hill, 112, Machine […]

Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas 2022

By: Let’s Git It Staff | May 15, 2022 5pm Billboard Music Awards held in Las Vegas it was super spectacular with all of the artists and musicians from the music industry made it astonishing. The weekend was full of music headliners and guest appearances from multiple top radio performances was magnificent. With the weekend […]

NFL Draft in Las Vegas was Great

By: Let’s Git It Staff | May 3, 2022 1pm The NFL draft in Las Vegas was one memorable weekend that will stick with you forever. The city was electrified with hundreds of thousands of people flowing on the strip reserving hotels, restaurants and more. Traffic on the strip was blocked off due to the […]

Las Vegas Host Grammys Music Awards 2022

By: Let’s Git It Staff | April 19, 2022 The Grammys music award ceremony in Las Vegas was a first of many and more to come. Usually this awards celebration is held in Los Angeles California m, but this year Las Vegas hosted the Grammys and it was spectacular. As everyone knows the city can […]

St. Patrick’s Day with a Pop Up

By: Let’s Git It Staff |March 17, 2022 1pm St. Patrick’s Day in 2022, consists of a no mask mandate after two years of having mandatory distancing and mask covering due to COVID-19. This year was much anticipated with lots of energy, green ink and people from all over the world enjoying the festivities once […]

Spring Break 2022. No Masks Mandated

By: Let’s Git It Staff |March 15, 2022 4pm As we enter spring of 2022, we have now concluded the pandemic of COVID-19. With the mandate being revoked. The city of Las Vegas has begun to recuperate and begin operating normally. This spring break will have lots of energy knowing that people will be able […]

Cleveland Ohio Host NBA All-star Weekend 2022

By: Let’s Git It Staff | February 26, 9am NBA All-Star weekend February 17-20th in Cleveland Ohio erupted in the land with celebrity sightings all over town. During this weekend in Ohio, Hollywood had nothing on the events and festivities in the city of Cleveland. The city was full of energy even though temperatures were […]

Magic, Agenda Fashion Week in Las Vegas

By: Let’s Git It Staff | February 14, 2022 1pm It’s that time! MAGIC, AGENDA convention is back in Vegas for a one of a kind fashion week. An experience that always seems to amaze people. Vendors like Chinese laundry, Perry Ellis, and Franco sarto are bound to be present. Last year, Amber rose, Wiz […]

DaBaby performs Allstar Pro Bowl weekend in Vegas

By: Let’s Git It Staff | February 5, 2022 5pm Once again the energetic outstanding music artist DaBaby performs in front of many professional athletes football, and hockey with variety of celebrities scattered in the mix. While the weekend was full of festivities because of the hockey All-Star NHL break and the NFL Pro bowl […]

NFL Pro Bowl in Las Vegas

By: Let’s Git It Staff | February 2, 2022 1pm Pro Bowl in Vegas! February 4, 2022 This weekend it’s going down like no other, epic Allstar sports like you have never seen! the Pro Bowl but the NHL hockey All star weekend. Remember you can’t get into Allegiant stadium without being vaccinated in Las […]

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