Vaccines Complete in Vegas

Let’s Git It Staff | April 28, 2021 5PM

Pfizer Vaccinations

Getting the cure is the key to herd immunity, While people are hesitating and procrastinating about the issue. Those who have loved ones are out and getting their vaccines shots, one and two. The process to get vaccinated was very smooth, you have to set an appointment by phone and register a day or a few days out to have the time available.

Once you have that schedule situated they emailed you and text message your phone with notifications of how to get to the location, which was Cashman‘s field in Downtown Las Vegas near Fremont experience. When you drive into their Field house you where to park and walk around the facility where signs directed you for certain area of services, such as the Maderma shot and the Pfizer shot with the option of Johnson and Johnson.

Since I already had my mind set on the Pfizer shot, I went with that vaccine and the time it took was around 15 to 20 minutes process and I was back out to my car getting my day complete. Getting the vaccine was an obligation for me to have in regards to protecting the elderly in my family. As I completed this process of vaccinations I feel great that I took the initiative and got my vaccine shots. Now I have a piece of mine as well as the ones I love can feel some type of security too. Let’s git it #pfizer #vaccination #cure

Tyson Fury in Las Vegas

Let’s Git It Staff | April 28, 2021 9AM

Boxing Heavyweight Champion

Las Vegas, Nevada is a wonderful city and beautiful environment. Tyson Fury the boxing heavyweight champion of the world in Las Vegas both mixing and matching enjoying one another. While in the Wynn resort casino I was fortunate to encounter the guy Tyson fury, which he is not hard to miss while standing 6‘10 feet he is a eye catching figure.

As I was leaving from my meeting we came across paths and we were able to speak on a few topics while taking this photo together. Even though we are still in a pandemic state with COVID-19 , he was still social enough while keeping distancing to interact with his fans and those who were interested in acquiring a photo.

Tyson Fury is an enormous guy who seems to have quite a communicative personality, so as we continued to talk I wished him good luck in his future matches and we went on in our own directions. Let’s git it #boxing #tysonfury #champion

Opening of the Pass Casino in Henderson

By Let’s Git It Staff | April 27, 2021

Grand Opening April 1, 2021

The grand opening of the Pass Casino was a success. Many people came out in the downtown Henderson, to support the casino that was also known as the Emerald. As the festivities started up alot of people came down, the media surrounding, local residents also contributed to the buzz of the new reinvented casino.

The Pass Casino is under new ownership and management, which gives it a slight edge over the surrounding casinos in the area of Henderson, Nevada. This casino may look the same it on the outside, it has a very slim makeover and consist of more features than the competitors. This includes table games and other sports book criteria.

While this casino may seem to be in a old era environment it is bringing a new spark and modern look to the new downtown region, which is directly across the street from the new ice-skating rink. I myself really like the Pass Casino and I advise if you are in Henderson to stop in and grab some delicious food and gamble if you choose to do so. Let’s git it #pass #casino #henderson

Penthouse Suites in Vegas

Let’s Git It Staff | March 29, 2021 1PM

MGM Skylofts

Las Vegas, Nevada if you’re really trying to experience the top notch the high-rise overlooking the city of lights, cameras and action? The skylofts are two stories with staircase a magnificent view in which words cannot describe, I will at least try to give you some type of idea of what you need to experience while doing VIP and sin city.

The penthouse suites are very accommodating, your provided with a bellman, butler and more services upon services. With that being said there’s more than a room offered. I feel this is five star treatment at its best while still being able to host your friends, colleagues, or family and that manner. I recommend MGM skylofts to all people that are willing to treat themselves to the finer things in life. Let’s git it #mgm #skylofts #penthouse #vip

Welcome to a New Vegas

By Let’s Git It Staff | March 19, 2021 11pm

Drais After Hours 2021

Las Vegas is back and ready while people sit and wait, this city is up and going on beat. Many things are opening up as limitations are lifted. Capacity is soon to be met where ever you go in Vegas, but people are still wearing mass and the active personnel is something people really been missing in the community.

It’s spring time now as we roll into the nice temperature weather, many people are visiting and making Las Vegas a place to visit like other years. Pools are soon to open up with general admission capabilities, but as of now they’re only restricted to VIP reservation areas with no dance floor. There are limited night clubs that are accommodating small groups at the moment, but as we lift more restrictions those rules may change.

The selected places that are capable of servicing those who would like a live DJ and lights as well as drinks, you can count those places on one hand. We are getting warmer, and spring break has people from every state or city ready to come to Las Vegas, and that means that we are ready for those people to arrive. Let’s git it #visiting #vegas

Atlanta host NBA Allstar weekend 2021

By Let’s Git It Staff | March 8, 2021 8AM

Olympic Park in Atlanta

NBA All-Star weekend in Atlanta, Georgia was something special to remember. Even though we were still in a pandemic. As the weather held up with clear skies sunny weather 65° the energy was enormous. Peoples were out and about celebrating as usual as you could imagine.

There were plenty of places accommodating people to service them while the NBA event was in town. The only thing I could say was closed still due to Covid-19 was the Olympic park, that was central of the downtown area with the very nice Ferris wheel surrounded by restaurants. The NBA really brought out many people to come and support as much as they could while some were practicing Covid safety, others were really not practicing anything Covid related.

Atlanta was real fun and the NBA was a good move for the city during this period of time. HBCU’s and the historic black colleges all came out with the fundraisers and the support from every race was in Atlanta. To be honest the NBA All-Star weekend in Atlanta Georgia 2021 was a success and pleasure to be able to be in the city, but we will soon get back to the normal lives we all like to say. Let’s git it #nba #allstar #atlanta

Vegas Thrives in the Sun

By Let’s Git It Staff | February 27, 2021 5PM

Las Vegas Penthouse

Las Vegas is back on it’s bread and butter, thriving like no other city in the nation and breaking expectations as usual. The city is on a mission to rebound off of this pandemic shut down, As restrictions are lifted in many places they are able to accommodate traffic. Then you notice how energetic the city is becoming and enduring this change.

There are many places that are opening up and inviting people to come and enjoy their services, as well spread the word to the new up and coming businesses that have moved into Vegas or implemented new ways of conducting services here. Las Vegas is the centerpoint of entertainment and as our nation recovers from the slow pain.

New life has begun and those who have stayed afloat and survive these economic punches. We are welcoming back all who enjoy Las Vegas in those who will see how we recover in this new day in age. Let’s git it #thriving #lasvegas #business

Valentine’s Day at the Wynn during the Pandemic

By Let’s Git It Staff | February 16, 2021 4PM

Terrace Pointe Cafe

Valentine’s Day during the pandemic was something new for a lot of people. While places were worried about distancing and limiting capacity, many people were out trying to see where they could fit in and possibly celebrate. Restaurants and bars were restricted from allowing people to wait inside of the establishment, so if you did not have a reservation in dining or order to go then the your pick up area would be outside of the restaurant.

This was a result of the overwhelming requests for reservations for inside as well as to go. There was one place that particularly had there restaurant organize with smooth service. I would say Terrace Pointe Cafe was a very well satisfying experience, this restaurant is located inside of the Wynn casino overlooking the pool area. This is very relaxing and the view is spectacular, I would recommend you go to this restaurant as well as refer it to other people because they would just fall in love.

Valentine’s Day was a different look this year, but a very well enjoyed moment where you really took in the vibe of society. As you looked at how much love and appreciation that people have for one another. There were many places that dropped the ball on on Valentine’s Day. Accommodation with getting their food out in a timely manner, and quality control, but Terrace Pointe Cafe. I give you a thumbs up for coming through in the clutch on your end of the deal, and providing a clean sanitize place to have a great meal. Let’s git it #terracepointecafe #wynn #valentines #vip

Forex and Crypto in Las Vegas

By Let’s Git It Staff | February 10, 2021 2AM

FOREX trading

The hottest market and stepping into a new avenue, I am riding the wave of Cryptocurrency and FOREX trading are trending all over the world. The interest level is enormous, we must recognize opportunities and pounce on them because you never know how long they may last. There is a entrepreneur in Las Vegas, by the name of Noah. He is spreading knowledge of this industry and building a team of ambitious, self driven individuals who are team oriented.

The industry of trading is quite profitable as you may know, with the right knowledge and circle of people who are like minded. It may help you generate the success or achievements you may be searching for. If you feel FOREX or CRYPTO is something you may be interested in. Please visit join the team.

Read up on the information because it is very beneficial to all age generations everyone likes money. Remember knowledge is power so absorb as much as you can and pass it along if you feel the need to. Let’s git it #forex #crypto #trade #concierge

Big Game Brady

By Let’s Git It Staff | February 9, 2021 6PM

Super Bowl Celebration

The big game was awesome if you were rooting for that Tampa Bay NFL team, Tom Brady the quarterback for the Tampa Bay buccaneers was putting on a legendary show season this year. What a special performance he was able to show his talent on the field in front of the world on national television, I am a big professional football fan.

Many people might have had their doubts due to the age of Tom Brady and the accomplishments he’s surpassed throughout his career. He leveled up and overcame all of the obstacles that may burden a person at the veteran age of 43, As time has told us over the years that we must not bet against this Brady player, He has undoubtedly made History and winning clutch games inwhich words can’t even describe.

So we crown Tom Brady as the greatest professional quarterback of all time, for reasons the list goes on and on. You just have to respect the player and what he has done for the game of football congratulations Tampa Bay buccaneers. Let’s git it #tampa #bucs #brady #Superbowl

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