Understanding the Markets

Mr. LGI in California

It’s best to understand the industry that you are working in, so that you can accelerate in the avenues and get the best results. In order to do so, you must do your research and apply what you learned, go fledge with ambition, motivation and focus.

Knowing that no one can take you off your path and that your in the game for the ultimate result to complete the mission at hand. Let’s Git It #business #industry #vip #concierge

Back to Business We Out Here

It’s back to business as usual, we have to stick to the plan and achieve the goals we sat in front of us. Things are tough but the reality is we have to keep pushing forward begin the new movement and take over. Keeping that great attitude and positive mindset that we always offer we are here Las Vegas, and let us know if you have any questions we can take care of you and your people thank you thank you Let’s Git It #business #mobile #concierge #vip

Business in Vegas is coming back

Las Vegas is the Mecca of meetings and trade shows. It’s Give us a place to congregate and share knowledge from one another’s business point of you. Here there’s a thin line between business and pleasure and everyone that visits, or comes to Las Vegas takes full advantage of those options. By deciding to make the choice of celebrating most of the time. We are here to help you get access to what you’re looking for. We are glad to help. Let’s Git It #business #convention #vip #tradeshow

Freemont Streets are Sweet

Las Vegas Freemont Street

Fremont Street downtown is a nice, I will call it sweet because there are numerous places to eat that may satisfy your taste buds. Although the area is set up different than the south end near Strat Casino. The Fremont area has a very vibrant energy to it.

I like going down there every once in a while just to change up the scene, but it’s very nice to do that especially to keep the spice when you’re up on the south end of the Boulevard a lot. Fremont Street is sweet and I’m sticking to it! Let’s Git It #freemont #street #sweet #vip

Keeping the Holiday spirits

Happy holidays, this is a rough year but we have to appreciate the love ones around us and keep the faith and make sure you become the best person we can be in life.

The holidays are a test to your spirit within yourself, I feel that people have a lot of emotions built up and sometimes they need to just vent and express themselves so that the ones around them can’t understand them better. Happy Thanksgiving, and bless you all have the best time of your lives and be safe. Let’s Git It #thanksgiving #family #love

Lake Meade Festivities in Vegas

Las Vegas this summer had a lot of other things to do besides being on the strip. We spent our time going out to Lake Mead and enjoying ourselves on the water, we barbecue, swim and enjoyed ourselves with our friends having drinks, smiling and laughing while being distant away from the strip and chaos.

There are many things to do out in the open on Lake Mead such as jet ski, water rafting, swimming and cooking. We plan to do more stuff in the upcoming months and really use the attractions that Vegas has to offer besides just partying on the strip inside the night clubs.

With that being said please make sure you use our concierge services and make your vacation or staycation the best moments you can possibly make them. Let’s Git It #lakemeade #vegas #jestski #rafting #bbq #vip

Treat yourself sometimes wyd?

Sometimes you have to treat yourself to the good things in life in order for you to be motivated. Now that you have things in lined up and the plate is set, it’s now time to eat! Let’s Git It operation a success. Got #motivation #plans #mission #vegas #vip

Christmas Parties will be different year 2020

Santa Clause and Mr LGI Xmas event

Certainly, this year will be different than any other year we have ever imagined. With the holidays here and the love and good jolly spirits are all over the place, We are so tempted to do the what use to be normal and hug or fist bump someone as you greeted them.

We keep our distance as much as we can, but we will really be tested once Thanksgiving and Christmas arrive full force with everyone looking COVID-19 be you know them personally in some way. Yet the virus is in disguise and may be hosted by a love one.

So with that being said, everyone have a wonder holiday season and we love you all. Let’s Git It #thanksgiving #Christmas #family #vegas #cleveland

The Giving Season, there’s so much Love share it

Although the year has been tough, we as human beings are naturally going to care for others that are less fortunate in this world. Today, I visited Basic Sports Shop @basicsports in Henderson, Nevada and donated food while helping packaged the meals for the families they are giving away.

It felt great to participate in a giving gesture. Although resources are scarce in these times we powered through and got the job done. When you have love around you and feel the energy of great holiday spirit it makes you feel fantastic.

Let’s Git It #thanksgiving #family #care #packages #love #holidya

Williams Family Support Reppin the Brand

Williams Family promo Event

I love my family, the Williams family which is my fathers side are very interesting but super supportive if they are there helping in any way. This summer of 2020, was awkward due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

We had a cookout with a ‘LetzGitIt’ brand theme, meaning you had to wear a shirt with the logo on it and food and drinks will be provided. As you know they show up and came through to eat and be distant at times, but sometimes love has a way for you to forget that we are in a pandemic.

I love the Williams and can’t wait to hug you all the next time we have an event and this corona virus is over Williams or not haha. Let’s Git It #family #support #cookout #williams