Year 2022! Faded out by Xmas and NYE celebrations

By: Lets Git It Staff | December 31, 2022 2pm As the year 2022 fades out, many people are celebrating the holidays and ending the year with new goals and expectations going into 2023. While December was very festive and many enjoyed their time with close friends and family members, they were able to make […]

Thanksgiving Feast! Year 2022

By: Let’s Git It Staff | Nov. 30, 2022 4pm This year Thanksgiving was quite a bit different. We in Las Vegas, the weather was fairly nice, sunshine but not warm at all around 60° temperatures. With society is overcoming the pandemic things are getting back to normal with visitation and traveling becoming regular. These […]

Halloween in Vegas 2022

By: Lets Git It Staff | October 31, 2022 The year 2022 has a very creepy Halloween spooky type of atmosphere. With all of the recovery from the pandemic and people adjusting to their inflation rates of the economy things were a bit slow, but their Halloween spirit is in the air . The weather […]

Trading in the Stock Market 2022

By: Lets Git It Staff | October 1, 2022 6pm Stock market investing, trading while having your money work for you. There are different types of ways to enter the stock market and position yourself to earn income. Investing and trading is about risk management a lot of the time, because your buying shares of […]

Vegas Raiders Zero Wins to Start NFL Season

By: Lets Git It Staff |September 30, 2022 8pm As the season started for NFL year 2022 the Raiders have yet to win a game. With all of the speculation of a great season coming off undefeated preseason. The Raiders are disappointing their fans, Although it’s still early in the season. Many analyst predict that […]

Las Vegas Raiders Go Undefeated during Preseason

By: Let’s Git It Staff | August 31, 2022 8AM The 2022 NFL preseason was a great accomplishment for the Las Vegas Raiders football season. With all the hype and excitement from the NFL draft hosted this summer in Las Vegas. The personnel and coaching staff have been selected, the newcomers in the organization are […]

NBA Summer League in Vegas 2022

By: Let’s Git It Staff | July 9, 2022 11AM NBA Summer league has once again arrived in Las Vegas for two weeks with the whole basketball association. Summer league comes every year and attracts thousands of children and adults to come see the new rookies and the second year players play in a tournament […]

July 4th Fireworks in Vegas

By: Let’s Git It Staff | July 4, 2022 6pm July 4 in Las Vegas was great for families and friends who wanted to come and enjoy themselves. It was the first time since the pandemic, there were many places showing fireworks and the weather was perfect. Temperatures ranged around 100° with warnings of potential/fires […]

Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas

By: Let’s Git It Staff| May 28, 2022 5pm Memorial Day weekend in Las Vegas had a full lineup of top performance artist from Latto to Lil Wayne, Jack Harlow so many musicians that every casino had performances at there nightclub giving Memorial day weekend a very energetic capacity environment. So many people were traveling […]

EDC was Awesome in Vegas 2022

By: Let’s Git It Staff | May 20, 2022 2pm EDC was spectacular this year the timing was perfect even though it was back to his regular hosted calendar time, which is in month of May because last year it was hosted in the fall around August because the weather was too intense and hot […]

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