Vegas Raiders Zero Wins to Start NFL Season

By: Lets Git It Staff |September 30, 2022 8pm

As the season started for NFL year 2022 the Raiders have yet to win a game. With all of the speculation of a great season coming off undefeated preseason. The Raiders are disappointing their fans, Although it’s still early in the season. Many analyst predict that they may not make the playoffs because of the rough start.

It’s a 17 week schedule, so they have time to improve. To start off three losses in a row is a hard fix, especially when Las Vegas is the team and city that supports only the best.

The Las Vegas Raiders team roster has phenomenal talent and a new head coach, so they should get their act together and make the best of what’s left in the season and when the rest of the games. That’s how you make up to the city of Las Vegas by being champions and winning, especially home games. Let’s git it #raiders #vegas #nfl

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