Spring Break 2022. No Masks Mandated

By: Let’s Git It Staff |March 15, 2022 4pm

Omnia Nightclub at Caesars Palace

As we enter spring of 2022, we have now concluded the pandemic of COVID-19. With the mandate being revoked. The city of Las Vegas has begun to recuperate and begin operating normally.

This spring break will have lots of energy knowing that people will be able to communicate and interact with no mask, showing smiles and expressions of happiness. Spring break has built up anticipation from people all over the world, especially college students ready for a break and interaction with their friends and fellow classmates.

Las Vegas has become number one destinations for all vacationing or family trips, and sporting events. With the weather being acceptable in mid 70° temperatures college March madness basketball tournament also was in town. Hosting multiple teams from around the nation, while attracting hundreds of thousands of fans to the Las Vegas area to celebrate and cheer on their favorite teams. With the mask mandate gone the city will flourish rapidly and we soon will see the normality of people again in SinCity. Let’s git it #marchmadness #lasvegas #springbreak #ncaa

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