DaBaby performs Allstar Pro Bowl weekend in Vegas

By: Let’s Git It Staff | February 5, 2022 5pm

Drais Nightclub

Once again the energetic outstanding music artist DaBaby performs in front of many professional athletes football, and hockey with variety of celebrities scattered in the mix. While the weekend was full of festivities because of the hockey All-Star NHL break and the NFL Pro bowl game made things very interesting with activities in energy.

The nightclub was full of very important personnel, and you could see with all the bottles and sparklers being escorted to the different areas made it a light show in the club. As we attended the Dababy performance I accompanied some well off businessmen from northwestern Ohio, who flew into Vegas to make sure they were present during Allstar weekend at Drais nightclub.

Ohio Businessman

Saturday night as Drais nightclub began to fill up with people, and all the VIP sections to the max. The volume and chaos within the building became extreme. DaBaby hits the stage with some of his billboard hits which skyrockets the excitement in the club. He continuously raps his number one hits while pulling up fans on stage causing more energy.

With most of the professional sports teams in Las Vegas during this weekend, made it in astounding sports hub in which so many athletes and people associated with professional sports were in attendance. Dababy had Drais nightclub spectacular and created the perfect atmosphere for the weekend that hosted NHL hockey Allstars as well as NFL All-Stars. We are honored to have experience this type of celebration moment. Let’s git it #probowl #nhl #nfl #allstar #vegas

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