A.I. taking over Vegas. Robots?

By: Let’s Git It Staff | January 31, 2022 2pm

Skinny Fats restaurant

With COVID-19 numbers going up and job openings at an all time high. It really shouldn’t surprise us that robot servers are a new thing in Vegas. You can visit your local Skinny fats, Rachel’s kitchen and several others in Las Vegas where you can find artificial intelligence handy named servi.

A robot server that will navigate through tables, aisles in restaurants in order to deliver your food, and and even talks. It actually provides a little extra entertainment while dining. A back to the future type of vibe that engages diners. With the workforce unemployment at an all time high in the service industry. It’s a great idea and very efficient. If you want to see something cool while dinning with good food, I highly suggest it these options. Even though we don’t have our flying cars yet, atleast we are showing signs of futuristic happenings soon. Let’s git it #robots #AI #fastfood #serve

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