Cowboy Christmas in Las Vegas

By Let’s Git It Staff | December 5, 2021 5PM

Las Vegas Convention Center

Cowboy Christmas is a Las Vegas tradition, every year people come from all over the world to see the crafts and art with the rodeo in town. There’s lots of merchandise at the festivities with seasonal excitement involved in the scenery.

A variety horse saddles, christmas ornaments, fashionable cloths, jeans, autographs from professional riders all at your fingertips. This is something that you should attend if you’re in the Las Vegas area around holiday season following Thanksgiving. The Cowboys Christmas host this convention every year for people to connect and collect crafts from the cowboy rodeo community.

While attending this event I was able to talk with many people involved in horse riding events, cowboy memorabilia, custom hats, leather belts and so much in the environment. If you are in the holiday spirit this is truly something that will get you a jingle bells ringing spirit. Let’s git it #cowboychristmas #rodeo #xmas

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