Home cooked meals Midwest recipe in Vegas

By Let’s Git It Staff | November 12, 2021 1AM

Fried Chicken with Broccoli and Potatoes

A home cooked meal while in Las Vegas is sometimes hard to come across, there are many restaurants and places to eat in the city. So many times you go out for food instead of preparing a meal at home or someone preparing a meal for you, but lately I was fortunate to have my parents come into town.

My mother put together a delicious meal that I grew up on while living in Cleveland Ohio. A dinner with her favorite recipe of fried chicken which is perfect feedback family and friends say cannot be duplicated. Some tremendous Broccoli and potatoes were the side dishes prepared as well they were excellent these items on this day. This reminding me of how I used to rush home to eat supper after playing long days of basketball throughout the neighborhood.

This meal was satisfying and filling which was needed when burning the amount of energy I was being a gym and a neighborhood friend. Just having these meals from time to time really is settling and much-needed when you tend to go out to eat at restaurants, these meals will humble you and keep you in line with your great energy within because there’s nothing like a home cooked meal. Let’s git it #home #cooked #meals

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