Halloween in Vegas 2021

By Lets Git It Staff | November 12, 2021 4PM

TÁO Nightclub in Vegas

Halloween in Las Vegas is some of the most exciting things you can experience in the world. The costumes are glamorous and creative and some over the wall with detail. You just have to experience Halloween at some point Las Vegas style.

The festivities lasts all week but the night before Halloween midnight going into the Halloween night is glorious, we had some of the best set up festive things you can pregame too. Then prime time hours started at the Palms penthouse suite, pregaming with all the top shelf drinks. As we began to drink, laugh and chatter it was time for us to meet up with the party bus around 9 PM.

As we finished up at two Nightclubs having the party bus transport us from here and there, we ended at TÁO nightclub at the Venetian Casino Hotel a very prestigious venue. When we arrived we checked in at VIP table service and we went through security to be escorted to our reserved area inside the nightclub. The energy and the loud chaotic talking was trembling through our groups body giving them the excitement anticipation that this will be the best time of their life.

When we got to our area within the club we were presented with sparkling bottles of tequila, vodka and Johnny Walker whiskey and the games had begun for the grand finale in the evening. While our section was drinking the drinks and dancing to the music with the DJ doing his best on the mixer it was a glorious night. Halloween festive people all over hugging exchanging pictures and understanding that this is why they came to Las Vegas for Halloween. Let’s git it #halloween #tao #partybus #nightclub

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