EDC in Vegas 2021 turned out successful

By Let’s Git It Staff | November 12, 2021 2PM

The electronic daisy carnival in Las Vegas 2021 was a success this year. Many people came out to the festivities at the raceway out at the Las Vegas Racetrack and hundreds of thousands of people attend it with their costumes and electric energy.

While the carnival was postponed this year for a later date due to the pandemic in health restrictions, October was the timing this year which this carnival was hosted. Normally it’s during the summer with blistering heat, but this year it was a little chilly due to the fall weather. People thought that the EDC was going to be slow and disrupted by the weather but it turned out to go well.

At first people were trying to sell their tickets because the turn out was seeming to be a bit slow. As the first day passed, all of the performance acts showed up and the people spread the word that EDC was in full effect. People stop selling their tickets and began flooding gates at the raceway and enjoying themselves like they used to before the pandemic shut down. The festival will always stay with top performing musicians, fantastic decorations with lots of people giving them the excitement and anticipation as all electric daisy carnivals do.

As the festival came to a end and concluded thousands of people were satisfied. Waiting for the tickets to get released for the next time the event will be held in Las Vegas. So be sure they will sell out again within minutes of the release date. Let’s git it #edc #music #carnival #raceway

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