Summer in Vegas near the End

By Lets Git It Staff | October 13,2021 8PM

Daylight Beach Club

The summer of 2021 is coming to a conclusion, Las Vegas weather is becoming chillier each day closer as the fall season takes over. Las Vegas has had a wonderful summer post shut down conditions, It was surprising that a lot of tourists came to the city and had fun at the pool. With all the rules and restrictions that were in place, people still visited and had a great time throughout the whole state.

Drais Beach Club

As the temperature gets cooler in Las Vegas it’s still warm to people not from Nevada, but it’s the fall season and we are forced to close due to colder conditions occasionally. Even though our weather temperature lows are some cities temperature highs in other parts of the country.

Overall it was a good 2021 summer and many musical performances as well as beautiful people came to visit the beach clubs. People had awesome experiences at the pools giving the Las Vegas five stars reputation more acknowledgment. Spreading that good love and energy as they are known to do in Las Vegas.

Until next time, around the spring of 2022 the pools will reopen in the new year to come, but it has been great and we have only a few weeks left before pools closed for the year. Here’s the next season and Las Vegas will still celebrate each night and day until the pools open again let’s get it. #pools #season #fall #letzgitit #vip #beachclub

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