VIP at Drais Poppin Bottles Ace of Spade

By Lets Git It Staff | October 3, 2021 2AM

Mr. LGI & Friends at Drais Nightclub

Drais The Nightclub is one of the most reputable prestigious Nightclubs in the world, and its main location happens to be Las Vegas. While going to Drais nightclub which is center of the strip across from Caesar’s Palace in the four corner area hotels, such as Bellagio in the infinite Bally’s casino. The rooftop is one of the most noticeable sites when crossing the intersection or watching the fountains across the street at Bellagio casino.

When entering Drais it’s an elite occasion most people cannot get into this nightclub due to reservation requirements, dress code or others say it’s too expensive for their taste. Nevertheless they always have the top artist performing with energy and the environment is some of the best nightlife you can consume while enjoying great entertainment.

As we check into our table reservation we get escorted to the bottle service line then up the elevator. As we proceed to our dance floor, a section in the middle of this giant club. We enter our section provided with security and waitresses and help. Lots of eyes were following us as they are watching to see what’s being prepared by the staff of the nightclub at our table.

There are many VIP tables in the nightclub, but there are levels to the amount minimum spending, which has different seating arrangements. This means the closer you are to the dance floor and stage the more the table may cost. We continued past everyone who had VIP sections and walk straight down to the dance floor side-by-side to the stage.

This automatically raised eyebrows to those in the club wondering who we are and what we do in life. As we put in our order with the waitress and selected our alcohol from the menu the DJ continuously plays great music. The go-go dancers kept the energy and the crowd spectating with their gorgeous moves and smooth flow on the stage.

As time passes we soon seen lights and sparklers being carried across the club. We see they’re headed in our direction, people turn their heads and watch as the bottle service ladies skipped the Ace of Spade champagne with other top shelf alcohol to our table. This presentation instantly gave us the attention of being who’s who bottle popping Ballers and Las Vegas. With notion that we came to party top dog this evening.

Mr. Lgi is one of the premier VIP host as well entertainment promotion companies in Las Vegas on the strip, and always provides a very well orchestrated itinerary. This has many VIP service options with party bus choices. If you’re ever in Las Vegas and need assistance with hotels and entertainment, this is the guy and company that can put you in the right direction. Let’s git it #ace #spade #tables #bottles #buses #vip

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