DaBaby performs in Las Vegas

By: Let’s Git It Staff | September 24, 2021

Drais Nightclub

Dababy in Las Vegas was a great show, he was electric he had the crowd very involved in his performance. As the artist continued to pour out his musical hits the energy in the Nightclub was tremendous. Dababy went on and performed while talking to the crowd which was very interactive and gave him a leg up as others performers don’t talk as much and get the crowds feedback.

Following the different introductions and him talking on the microphone the baby slowly move towards the dance floor, and began kneeling down off of the stage making his way over to a VIP section. As Dababy was escorted by security guards to the section area, there were tons of aesthetic fans reciting the songs.

Dababy performed two songs within the section along side his fans and gave a real personable experience. People were not expecting this platinum artist to get down on their level and make the level of excitement go through the roof. After he gave an awesome performance from the VIP section, he headed back towards the stage in which his couple of artists signed with his Billionaire Dollar Baby Entertainment label. As his two artist performs Dababy came back out to bless the stage to rap one last time giving a nice prayer for his late friend Pop Smoke who passed away a year ago.

Dababy is a very crunk energetic performer with plenty of songs in his catalog. I would recommend going to see this artist, if it’s at a nightclub or a concert because I feel he will have the energy and of course the great Billboards Top 100 list. Let’s git it #dababy #drais #atlanta #dollar

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