FuHu Restaurant at Resort World Casino

By: Breanna J.| Sept 9, 2021 7AM

Duck and Lobster

Take a quick trip to Pan-Asia with Resorts World’s newest treat to the strip, FUHU restaurant located at the front entrance of the hotel, with an amazing ambiance of cherry blossoms and red wood. If you want to have a special evening for someone, this is a showstopper and a must go to, even though it breaks the bank.

The menu ranges from high end sushi dishes to traditional Pan-Asian cuisine with flair. The seafood rice is a must have, with a topping of Egg Fu Young with Tobiko (the orange fish eggs on sushi) as well as the Miso Tacos, with Fried Crispies and an orange. The real experience was made when we ordered the FUHU Aromatic Crispy Duck, which was outstanding in every way! You should make a little taco with the Duck, Hoisin, Leeks, Cucumbers and pancakes, only word to describe it is AMAZING. If you like roasted chicken you will absolutely love the duck, and it has just enough Crispy skin to make the $58 dollar price tag worth it.

They even bring it out to you with the bone in, and take it back to debone and server…. Everything was fresh and made with care; and the service is top notch! Get ready to spend some money though but the price tag is well worth the experience for a special night out! Enjoy!!! Let’s git it #FuHu #asian #resortworld #cuisine

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