Jeezy Pool Party in Vegas

By Let’s Git It Staff | September 8, 2021 2pm

Daylight Beach Club

Las Vegas has some of the most amazing exciting pool events you can attend, especially if an Billboard artist is performing at the beach club as well. Daylight beach club is the place to be on a Friday or Saturday in Las Vegas, because they have top artists such as Jeezy an Grammy award-winning hip-hop rapper attending.

While Jeezy performs some of his greatest collection of hits, the Atlanta Georgia artist never fails the Las Vegas crowd with the energetic performance in the scorching hot weather. This is a perfect mixture for a pool party with the best energy provided. Jeezy hits the stage and performs some of the best summer anthems musically recorded and for the time that he’s out on stage people were showing that prices didn’t matter when it comes to a quality.

Being at a Las Vegas pool and you are with your friends while able to participate in all of the festivities with celebrities, prices don’t matter. I would recommend to make a stop at Mandalay Bay and enter the Daylight beach club on a summer weekend if you’re really trying to have that Vegas pool party experience. Let’s git it #jeezy #poolparty #daylight #mandalay

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