New Resort World Casino on Vegas Strip

Let’s Git It Staff | August 17, 2021

Resort World Casino

The new casino on the Las Vegas Blvd is Resort World, which is a combination of three hotel resorts on one property. This casino is becoming one of many favorites due to the size and the magnificent Nightclub and Beach Pool included at the resort.

This happens to be one of the first casinos since the Cosmopolitan casino opened in 2010. The resort is located on the north end across from the Encore hotel casino resort which gives it a more pristine look, because that end of the Boulevard was lacking valuable casinos.

The grand opening for Resort World casino was huge it consists of some of the best DJs in the world open up for the ribbon-cutting for the public announcement. The crowd really grew as more people heard about this opening at 11 PM at night, which many casinos tend to open their doors for grand openings in the evening times.

Since we were still in a COVID pandemic economic restrictions, the casino were asking that everyone have mask as well identification cards so that safety precautions would be met. The Resort World casino has been open for a few months now and it really is looking like it’s helping the north end of the Boulevard. I do recommend visiting this casino hotel while in Las Vegas. The resort has many amenities and a great look for the new upcoming Las Vegas. Let’s git it #resortworld #lasvegas #blvd #casino

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