Vaccines Complete in Vegas

Let’s Git It Staff | April 28, 2021 5PM

Pfizer Vaccinations

Getting the cure is the key to herd immunity, While people are hesitating and procrastinating about the issue. Those who have loved ones are out and getting their vaccines shots, one and two. The process to get vaccinated was very smooth, you have to set an appointment by phone and register a day or a few days out to have the time available.

Once you have that schedule situated they emailed you and text message your phone with notifications of how to get to the location, which was Cashman‘s field in Downtown Las Vegas near Fremont experience. When you drive into their Field house you where to park and walk around the facility where signs directed you for certain area of services, such as the Maderma shot and the Pfizer shot with the option of Johnson and Johnson.

Since I already had my mind set on the Pfizer shot, I went with that vaccine and the time it took was around 15 to 20 minutes process and I was back out to my car getting my day complete. Getting the vaccine was an obligation for me to have in regards to protecting the elderly in my family. As I completed this process of vaccinations I feel great that I took the initiative and got my vaccine shots. Now I have a piece of mine as well as the ones I love can feel some type of security too. Let’s git it #pfizer #vaccination #cure

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