Welcome to a New Vegas

By Let’s Git It Staff | March 19, 2021 11pm

Drais After Hours 2021

Las Vegas is back and ready while people sit and wait, this city is up and going on beat. Many things are opening up as limitations are lifted. Capacity is soon to be met where ever you go in Vegas, but people are still wearing mass and the active personnel is something people really been missing in the community.

It’s spring time now as we roll into the nice temperature weather, many people are visiting and making Las Vegas a place to visit like other years. Pools are soon to open up with general admission capabilities, but as of now they’re only restricted to VIP reservation areas with no dance floor. There are limited night clubs that are accommodating small groups at the moment, but as we lift more restrictions those rules may change.

The selected places that are capable of servicing those who would like a live DJ and lights as well as drinks, you can count those places on one hand. We are getting warmer, and spring break has people from every state or city ready to come to Las Vegas, and that means that we are ready for those people to arrive. Let’s git it #visiting #vegas

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