Valentine’s Day at the Wynn during the Pandemic

By Let’s Git It Staff | February 16, 2021 4PM

Terrace Pointe Cafe

Valentine’s Day during the pandemic was something new for a lot of people. While places were worried about distancing and limiting capacity, many people were out trying to see where they could fit in and possibly celebrate. Restaurants and bars were restricted from allowing people to wait inside of the establishment, so if you did not have a reservation in dining or order to go then the your pick up area would be outside of the restaurant.

This was a result of the overwhelming requests for reservations for inside as well as to go. There was one place that particularly had there restaurant organize with smooth service. I would say Terrace Pointe Cafe was a very well satisfying experience, this restaurant is located inside of the Wynn casino overlooking the pool area. This is very relaxing and the view is spectacular, I would recommend you go to this restaurant as well as refer it to other people because they would just fall in love.

Valentine’s Day was a different look this year, but a very well enjoyed moment where you really took in the vibe of society. As you looked at how much love and appreciation that people have for one another. There were many places that dropped the ball on on Valentine’s Day. Accommodation with getting their food out in a timely manner, and quality control, but Terrace Pointe Cafe. I give you a thumbs up for coming through in the clutch on your end of the deal, and providing a clean sanitize place to have a great meal. Let’s git it #terracepointecafe #wynn #valentines #vip

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