Temperatures still down in Cleveland

Let’s Git It Staff | January 28, 2021 8:00PM

Cleveland, Ohio

It gets cold in Cleveland, as you are know. Being prepared and bundled up for the cold weather is a necessity, when traveling to Cleveland, Ohio I always make sure I have sweatshirt, jacket, and headwear just for cautious reasoning.

The weather is unpredictable here and it’s never what it seems especially around the month of January. Temperatures sometimes range in the low 26 to 30° daytime temperatures and it drops below that temperature as we go into the evening night fall.

These necessary actions are very important while we are in this pandemic stage of Covid-19, you do not want to open yourself up to a cold or any flu symptoms that may occur for not being dress for the weather conditions. Cleveland, Ohio is known to have sketchy weather so in the winter months you must to stay prepared. So that you won’t be surprise when you see the windchill drop or experience the random snow falls in the city. Let’s git it #cold #temperatures #ohio #cleveland #concierge

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