Catching Flights a New Way

By Let’s GitIt | January 10, 2021 3:30PM

Las Vegas Airport

Catching flights on an airplane is quite a bit different with times today. There are a lot of safety precautions, spacing and distancing that has to be taken while boarding airplanes. As you know face masks are a requirement and sanitizer as well, making it on time to your plane is an obstacle because amount of time it takes to check to make sure everyone is abiding by COVID-19 rules as well as normal safety protocol.

As you board the airplane there are many rows of seats that are empty while we are in a pandemic moment, so we cannot be group together and fill the role of seats, middle, and window seat. Flights on every airlines are different now as we roll into year 2021, so be prepared for a delayed flights because not all airlines are running normal times and available in all cities because of the lack of reservations because of quarantine shut down stages. While we find ourselves gradually coming back to normal in society, with numerous vaccines on the market we can see ourselves booking those plane tickets and making those destinations in the near future. Let’s git it #catching #flights #airplanes #destinations #concierge

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