2021 bringing in the New Ways

By Lets Git It Staff | January 4, 2021 10:00PM

New Years Eve Masquerade Bash

We start the year off with great expectations and excitement looking into the new year. This year was very different and preparing for New Year’s Eve events and the countdown due to the pandemic, many places were shut down and not celebrating because of the distancing factors.

For the places that were available, they had to abide by the new rules and restrictions with population and spacing. My guests and friends that were comfortable with the rules of having fun, celebrated at a masquerade bash. This event had mask for COVID-19 protection as well as costume mask for the theme of the party.

Leading up to the event Many people thought that it may be shut down, but as the time came closer to New Year’s Eve it became a sold out party with limited availability. People showed up with proper protection while having a great attitude towards being around social people understanding that they are all here to celebrate the new year of 2021. Let’s git it #newyears #2021 #masquerade #bash #mask

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